Pitch and Putt stands out for being a sport with a fully sustainable vision. In 2006, a group of three golf course architects created a 9-hole course designed with artificial grass in the city of Madrid. The design system was completely porous to allow the captured water to be channeled, a posteriori, to drain the platform and reuse it within the sports venue itself. The fundamental basis of this project was to develop a field with permeable bases for the reuse of hydraulic resources. Thus contributing to sustainable development, returning them to the environment.

This innovative concept was a great advance to be able to reach the P&P to the great masses. Since that time, all the fields of our sport have been governed with the same architectural characteristics to ensure a more ecological operation.

Este concepto innovador supuso un gran avance para poder hacer llegar el P&P a las grandes masas. Desde ese momento, todos los campos de nuestro deporte se han ido rigiendo con las mismas características arquitectónicas para asegurar un funcionamiento más ecológico.

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