World pitch & putt tour

WPPT is positioned as the first world circuit for Pitch & Putt players. It was born during the first half of the 20th century, gaining popularity within the golf player community, because a game requires less time and can be practiced at almost any age.

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El Pitch & Putt, cada vez gana más aficionados.

The main advantages it has are:

  • It takes less time to play.
  • It is easier
  • Motivate more by achieving better results.
  • The challenge is less and less frustrating.
  • By taking shorter strokes, he is better suited to the game of most players.
We have the best sports professionals who have accepted our challenge and are committed to WPPT.
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pitch & putt lleida torre-serona

The Pitch & Putt Lleida is a privileged facility that occupies 10 hectares, the use of instruments necessary for the conservation, increase and sustainable use of biological diversity, allows you to enjoy an unforgettable environment.

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Due to the global health crisis, WPPT is refurbishing the presentation test and the 2022 tour.


Presentation test October 2021



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